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Quest Syndicate Lofts

For the past 5 years we have been working with the Quest Syndicate Lofts. Recently, in December 2010, we photographed their entire flock of over 450 pedigree pigeons. Don Barker, Richard Cass, Butch Shoop, and Fred King are partners located across the United States. They are best known for “The Vegas Pair.”

“Don has sought and obtained the very best from Mike Ganus. This includes children of Terminator, Aviator, Hercules, Topo, Americas First, Vita King and numerous others. Don takes great pride in his Hofken family. Don as well has traveled to Belgium and Holland and picked birds for himself firsthand. Don has also acquired first class birds from Barry Eu. Some of which Barry would like back.”

“Richard joined the Quest Syndicate in 2006 on the recommendation of Mike Ganus. Richard was previously associated with Desert View Lofts of Tucson, Arizona. Desert View enjoyed success on the international scene with a win and another top prize in South Africa. It won the International Derby-Tenerife-Canary Islands by 3 hours. Other top showings included a 5th and 15th International in the 2006 South Africa preliminaries. Prize positions in the International German Sylt Race. Richards’s families of birds took money in the Triple Crown, Flamingo International, America King Cup and other positions of interest in other races.”

“Butch has developed his own family of birds. He calls these “Wegges.” He admits there is some Cattrysse involved. A real base pigeon for his family is one pigeon named the “The Leon Cock.” His pigeons are small to medium, largely blues to blue checks with an occasional red. Feather is soft, pliable with super cohesion in the primaries. Balance is slightly forward. The head is short. These birds are simply super short to long, young to old birds. Butch pays absolute attention to detail.”

“Fred shares the Wegge family with Butch and has authored prized introductions from the same base and others such as Hekkenklack’s from Jim Gabler. Fred flies under the name Sky King and Ms. Sky King. Jimmy Durante could really relate to Ms. Sky King (Marji) recalling his sign off for his shows.